Colour Vortex

Where colour, texture, and image converge!

By - kmewilcox22

About Colour Vortex

I have long found it amazing what one can do with a piece of white fabric, some dye, and string or rubberbands!  Resist dyeing is an extremely versatile dyeing process, whether tie dye, batik, shibori, just to name a few.  The variations are limited only by one’s imagination.  Here are a few of my creations.  

I love the possibilities presented with silk/rayon viscose devore fabric!  In this type of fabric portions of the vicose are etched away, leaving only silk chiffon.  Depending on the dyeing process chosen, one can create tonal pieces, or multi-colored pieces.

I love to create using color and texture.  As a former social worker, most of my working years were devoted to meeting human needs, crisis intervention, and problem solving.  I am finding great value in creating bits and pieces of beauty in the world right now.  Food for the soul.

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